Pallet Services Difference

Our Value Proposition to our customers provides:

  • Improved supply chain efficiencies – direct savings and potential new revenue streams for your business with our pallet services.
  • Identification of best practices and areas for improvement monitored by our own reTrak® online tracking pallet services system
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions including the use of recycled pallets and pallet repair services. Our Pallet Services also include Pallet Sales, Pallet Purchases, Pallet Sortation, Pallet Handling, and overall Pallet Management Services.
  • Impeccable safety record – all reLogistics locations are subject to regular comprehensive safety inspections
  • High employee retention by offering a complete benefits package, including health and life insurance and a generous 401(k) plan
  • Employment verification – all reLogistics employees are screened with eVerify, the most comprehensive employment verification system permitted by the U.S. government
  • Pre-employment background checks and drug screening are also mandatory for new hires

Let us handle your warehouse operations. No additional paperwork for your company, only improved productivity, efficient operations, reduced risks, lower costs and increased profitability. That’s how we’re redefining results.