American consumers have come to expect to find everything they need, or want, on the shelves anytime they go to a store – or shop online. A greater variety of general merchandise from around the world is now available requiring a considerable number of reusable pallets - more than most other industries - due to a broad, complex supply chain.

Many imported and lightweight products are received on the floor and need to be palletized upon receipt requiring ready-to-go pallets be readily available. In addition, an increasing number of pooled pallets in the supply chain must be tracked and returned to their respective poolers. While traditional pallet recyclers are focused on standard, GMA whitewood pallets, we focus on the efficiency of the entire supply chain and handle all types and sizes of pallets.

Increasing volumes mean there are more pallets to sort and remove than ever before. Doing this efficiently and safely requires expertise and years of experience in this business. That's where we come in. The most significant impact we can have is making sure our customers have the right pallet when and where they need it. This eliminates the need to purchase ready-to-go pallets and allows them to reuse existing pallets within their supply chain. Our dynamic systems provide the ability to flex with our customers' seasonal demands to ensure trailers are processed quickly and ready for redeployment, and unneeded pallets are quickly and efficiently removed from the system.

Every Relogistics solution is customized based on the unique needs of each customer. We collect as much data as possible from available sources as well as conduct extensive site visits to identify opportunities and provide solutions that increase the overall efficiency of your supply chain. Each year, we handle over 81 million pallets. It's important to remember that we are a service provider - not a traditional pallet company or pooler. Our interest is making you more efficient and saving you money.

The most significant impact we can have is making sure our customers have the right pallet when and where they need it.


Every supply chain can be better. There are always ways to find efficiencies. We happen to be experts at that. Whether it is emptying store return trailers more quickly or returning more pallets for reuse, we tailor innovative solutions based on your unique needs.

How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.