3 R's to Saving Money with Pallets

Posted on August 15, 2019

Even though Slate magazine referred to the pallet as “the single most important object in the global economy,” the humble pallet has long been marginalized – perhaps because it is ubiquitous in shipping and supply chains. In fact, a report by Freedonia Group predicts continued growth in the use of...

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Pallet Management in the Warehouse

Posted on July 08, 2019

In healthy economies, manufacturers and distributors tend to invest in technologies and processes that enable future growth. It’s in tougher economies where the focus shifts to reducing costs and tightening margins.  With continued growth in July, the U.S. economy marked its longest expansion on record. However, sentiment is shifting...

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Pallet Management: Blending Art Into Science

Posted on June 27, 2019

There was a day when pallets were a necessary cost center in distribution center operations. Goods arrived on pallets, and once unloaded, the most managers could ask was for those wooden pallets to be out of the way. They were tossed, trashed, given away, and sometimes reused. Some might...

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Relogistics expands reverse logistics network to Fort Worth

Posted on November 13, 2017

Houston, Texas – Today, Relogistics Services, the leader in reusable transport packaging and pallet management services, announced the opening of its newest reverse logistics location in Fort. Worth, Texas.  The Fort Worth Reverse Logistics Center is located in the rapidly growing distribution hub near Alliance Airport. The 60,000 square foot facility...

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