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Custom pallet and container management solutions for complex supply chains. 

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Relogistics was founded with a simple premise: to maximize your supply chain efficiency through professional, scalable pallet and container management services, tailored to your specific warehouse needs.

Total Pallet Management (TPM) Services

From Pallet Pickup to Pallet Delivery and Everything In Between

With experience in some of the most complex supply chains in the country, we’ve learned to maximize logistics and create efficiencies in your organization.

  • Pallet Sorting and Repairing

    We will sort and repair pallets onsite at your DC or at a nearby Relogistics RLC in order to reduce cost by improving pallet reuse and reducing pallet purchases.

  • Vendor Compliance Audits

    Standardize, monitor, and enforce smart pallet specifications with your suppliers. 

  • Custom Supply Chain Solutions

    Every supply chain is unique – and has unique challenges. That's why we are passionate about defining areas of your supply chain that need improvement and creating custom solutions to meet your direct needs.

Pallet and Container Tracking & Management

Container Tracking & Management

Get full visibility with our pallet and container tracking and management solutions.

  • Sorting & Handling

    Don't worry with reusable tote and pallet handling, recycled material handling, RPC sorting. Leave it to us. 

  • Processing Services

    We are geared to handle your reusable container processing and break pack box processing needs.

  • Custom Container Programs

    We manage your containers to keep your product moving quickly.

Labor Management Services

Labor Management Services

We're here to make your job as easy as possible.

  • Asset Handling

    If it's used to ship your product, we can process it.

  • Trailer Unloading Services

    Offloading, sorting, inspecting, tracking, disposing and returns.

  • Supply Chain Efficiency

    Whether you're looking to enhance your overall efficiency or better manage how your packaging is sorted and handled, Relogistics has solutions for you.

Faster. Better. Smarter.

Relogistics provides retailers with FASTER, BETTER, SMARTER pallet and container management services. We help you realize the efficiencies and opportunities of a professional, scalable, effective, third-party workforce without the costs and risks associated with staffing and managing warehouse labor.

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Helping your supply chain run smoothly, 24/7/365

Relogistics supports customers at more than 177 locations, processing more than 355,000 trailers and handling over 230 million pallets and 122 million reusable containers annually. Our comprehensive pallet logistics services help drive efficiency and reduce supply-chain costs for major retailers nationwide.

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Reverse Logistics Centers
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What is Total Pallet Management?

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From Pallet Pickup to Pallet Delivery and Everything In Between

We offer ready-to-go solutions to drive efficiencies, optimization, and cost savings both on-site and off-site locations. Relogistics works in tandem with your business operations and documents. With Velocity—our proprietary, online, tracking system—we can provide you a real-time look at all pallet activity, anytime you need it. It’s more than just tracking pallet pickup and pallet delivery. We analyze your entire supply chain to integrate all your needs into a total pallet management solution, backed by industry-leading software.

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How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.

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Relogistics supports customers at more than 177 locations, processing more than 355,000 trailers and handling over 230 million pallets and 122 million reusable containers annually.