Reusable containers have significantly advanced the American retail supply chain. From reduced product damage to better asset tracking and lower labor costs, more and more businesses are utilizing reusable containers. But, this means the sheer volume of containers in use can overwhelm resources and prevent distribution centers from being cleared in a timely manner. Handling, processing and returning containers after they are emptied, along with seasonal changes, can create all kinds of challenges to your supply chain.

Empty produce containers can be a challenge to handle. While the standardized footprint of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) makes them reasonably easy to stack on a pallet for outbound shipment, they are often dirty and wet. Our team of industry veterans has been handling RPCs since their introduction in the US over 15 years ago. We handled almost 110 million reusable containers last year alone. Our experience in the industry not only helps us to overcome challenges but eliminate them from happening. 

Handling containers is a core competency of Relogistics – not a secondary activity.  We are experts in managing variable labor to ensure maximum productivity. We also offer a resource of knowledge throughout the supply chain and the ability to take on challenging areas within your distribution network.

When paired with pallet management, our container management service reduces overall costs and allows you to focus on your business. We helped a large retailer test and roll-out their first use of egg and meat RPCs, allowing them to save a significant amount of money. Our service and expertise on the end of the supply chain help these conversions happen quickly and efficiently.

Reusable containers have advanced retail supply chains and reduced product damage and other costs, but must be handled efficiently for the system to work well. By tracking everything with our proprietary software, Velocity, we make the process collaborative and transparent. You'll know where your containers are at any time. Our goal is returning assets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Container Management Services

We offer a variety of services that allow us to better manage reusable containers, find efficiencies, and save you time and money.

RPC Sorting

We find the efficiencies in even the most complex systems.

Break Pack Box Processing

We process boxes quickly and efficiently and always make sure they are labeled correctly.

Reusable Tote Handling

Costs stay down when totes stay in the system.

Reusable Container Processing

Part of a holistic, collaborative system designed to save you time and money.

Custom Container Programs

We manage your containers to keep your product moving quickly.

Trailer Unloading Services

We turn trailers quickly to get more product on your shelves.

Return Logistics Review

We audit your return logistics and customize a complete system solution just for you.

Reporting and Data Collection

We track every asset we touch, building a more efficient network.

Store Sweep Services

We get your assets out of the way, and where they need to be.

Warehouse Safety Compliance

Safety is ingrained in our culture. It helps everyone save time and money.

Warehouse, Distribution Center and Support Activities

If it makes you more efficient, it’s on the table.

Recycled Material Handling and Management

We recycle to save you money and to keep your distribution center moving.


Every supply chain can be better. There are always ways to find efficiencies. We happen to be experts at that. Whether it is emptying store return trailers more quickly or returning more pallets for reuse, we tailor innovative solutions based on your unique needs.


We have decades of combined experience and expertise managing retail supply chains in a variety of industries.

Grocery & Fresh Food

Grocery & Fresh Food

The traditional grocery store has evolved into the modern supermarket, now carrying much more than just food. The need for a highly efficient supply chain is is greater than ever before. We can help.

General Merchandise

General Merchandise

Using more pallets and containers than most other industries, retailers selling general merchandise rely on the sorting and removal of these assets now more than ever before. Doing this efficiently and safely requires years of experience. That's where we come in.