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From pallet pickup to recycling and everything in between. Pallet Management just got easier.

An effective and efficient supply chain needs proper pallet management. At Relogistics, we remove the burden of pallet management, so you can focus on your operations.

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Pallet Management Solutions

The core of streamlining operations and processes is pallet management. That's why we handle pallet pickup, delivery, sorting, reusing, repairing, returning, and recycling. We even purchase surplus pallets and provide ready-to-go pallets for your business whenever and wherever needed. With experience in some of the most complex supply chains in the country, we’ve learned to maximize logistics to make sure you have pallets when you need them and not when you don’t.

How We Do It:

Our primary focus is to help you move product faster, better, smarter. That's why we offer a variety of pallet management services and develop solutions to meet your specific needs.

Pallet Repair and Recycling Our desire is to improve your pallet reuse, reduce pallet purchases, and eliminate the hassle of wood pallet recycling. We can service any location nationwide and pickup seven days a week, if needed.
Pallet Sales and Supply Our expert staff can develop custom resource and management programs that allow your business to acquire pallets without having to go out-of-pocket to purchase them.
Pallet Sorting and Handling On-site or off-site, we provide the appropriate equipment and highly-trained personnel to sort pallets by type, condition, and grade.
Pooled Pallet Management We can manage the handling, processing, return, and reporting of all pooled pallets to their owners. All pallet activity is tracked via our proprietary online reporting tool.