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What is Velocity?

Keeping track of your returnable and recyclable assets has never been easier! Get real-time data and detailed reports anytime, anywhere with Velocity. Relogistics presents customized, comprehensive, reporting of all activity including detailed reports on the services we provide and all items handled.

Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving

We are Relogistics — a full service pallet, labor and container management services provider. We'll increase your profitability and efficiency by executing custom pallet, tote, and container management programs designed just for you.  To learn more about how Relogistics can help you maximize pallet revenue, optimize your labor services, and more.

Why Join Relogistics

At Relogistics, we value dedication and hard work. We make sure our employees have what they need to stay, grow, and succeed at our facilities. From pallet builders to tractor-trailer drivers to plant managers, we are currently hiring logistics experts across the country. 

Operate Faster, Better, Smarter with Relogistics

Your supply chain is unique and complex, just like your business. That’s why you deserve custom solutions tailored to your exact needs and problems. With a dedicated team of industry veterans, Relogistics is your strategic partner in developing supply chain solutions that increase your business’s efficiencies.