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Streamline Your Supply Chain: ESG

At Relogistics, we ensure that our ESG goals are successful by assigning metrics to every ESG-related initiative. Director of ESG Jess Bonsall shares more about how our data-driven approach provides transparent and accountable results to our customers, ultimately helping to support their own success in this area.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

As an ESG director, and with Relogistics being part of 48forty solutions, I work with our teams to cohesively knit together the way that we think about different topics around sustainability. It's a cross-functional role, so we have the opportunity to link all departments to take part in our sustainability story. 

What is ESG?

ESG is a broad term that refers to environmental, social, and governance data. At its core, ESG is really about sustainability. Not just sustainability in the traditional and environmental sense, but sustainability from a holistic viewpoint. The way that we impact our customers, coworkers, communities, and the planet. 

How does Relogistics prioritize ESG goals?

For us, we think about four main types of ESG-related issues. The first deals with training our workforce to succeed. When we are able to empower leadership, we're able to build more efficient and dedicated teams to service our customers. The second is focused on health and safety. When we're able to keep people safe, we're able to keep a workforce that's working together in a cohesive way that truly trusts each other, and this helps us be better stewards to our customers and deliver quality services.

The third piece is greenhouse gas emissions and the way we think about our carbon footprint. In doing this, our customers can see those emissions savings in their own carbon footprint. The last piece is pallet management. When we can more efficiently manage pallets, we can enable our customers to utilize that product more times within their own supply chain. That helps reduce costs and that ultimately makes us better stewards of our product. 

How does Relogistics ensure that ESG efforts are successful?

We have been very directed in assigning metrics to every ESG-related initiative we're undertaking. Since we're tracking things in a very data-driven fashion, we have the opportunity to understand where we're being successful and where we have the opportunity to improve. The data tracking method also gives us space to share that information with our customers in a very real way. This gives them an opportunity to realize the benefits of the work that we're also doing. 

Why should a company work with Relogistics?

As a whole, Relogistics really cares about the job that we do. We have passionate team members that absolutely love working in the pallet industry. Our teams have years of experience in thinking about ways to manage pallets and want to be innovative, and on the cutting edge of the way our teams think about wood pallet management. As a whole, it's a good team, we're strong leaders in the sustainability space, and we're ready to support our customers in any way that they need.

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