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Streamline Your Supply Chain: Onsites

Relogistics helps retailers move product faster, better, smarter. Our expert teams evaluate operations, develop solutions to meet specific needs, and implement labor management services across multiple sites. Director of Retail Operations Pat Madden shares more about how onsite locations can directly improve your bottom line.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

I'm Pat Madden, the Director of Retail Operations. I am responsible to support four regional operations managers, their staff, and meeting the needs of our customers. 

What is an onsite location?

An onsite location is exactly like what the name says; It's where our people or staff work at a customer's location. This usually takes place on their property or inside their buildings.

What services does Relogistics provide at onsite locations?

We provide any services that are non-product related. This entails things like pallet sortation, pallet repair, tote sorting, tote washing, and tote labeling. In addition, we do bailing, trailer unloading, trailer washing, and recycling of plastic or other OCD materials. 

How does Relogistics ensure that onsite locations are successful?

For our team to make sure they're successful, the first thing I tell everyone is that they have to be safe every day. We want to make sure they're doing the right thing every day. Then, the bases of all of our operations start with over-communication. We are at these onsite locations with our customers, so we want to make sure that we're talking to them every day.

We want to know what their needs are, including volume, staffing, and how we can supplement them or help them for the day. This goes into all of these commodities, but we also want to know what their priorities are, whether it be reusing pallets, using totes, or getting their trailers unloaded. Constant communication is something that we have to go through to make them confident that we're efficient at what we're doing. 

Why should a company work with Relogistics?

When a customer comes to us, we tell them that it's always value-based. We specifically use the word "value" and not "cost", because of the synergies that Relogistics has. If we don't have a site that's doing something that a customer needs, we'll leverage all of our sites together and find out how to do it for them to make it more efficient. Most of the time, we're doing what a customer wants in a facility somewhere in the United States, so we've already got the expertise and the experience to do it for them.

We also have the network to help them with the brokerage part of the business. When a customer comes to us, they're able to get a one-stop shop, where we'll take care of all the products that they don't want to handle. We'll also work on getting these products sorted and removed offsite at a great cost, so they can ultimately improve their bottom line.

If you're looking to improve your efficiency with our onsite services, get in touch with our team.