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Enhance Your Operations with Velocity

Listen in as John Denson, Director of Operational Finance, discusses how Relogistics tracks activities at customer sites and uses that data to improve operations.


What kind of data does Relogistics track?

If we do anything, we record it. So, whether we repair something, sort something, load something, unload something, et cetera, we record it.

What is Velocity?

In the simplest form, I would say that Velocity is simply a platform that allows us to capture all the operational activity we do. If we do it, we capture it in Velocity. If we capture it in Velocity, we can report on it.

So, anything you want to know on what we're doing, we can report on it and we can provide that information to the customer, to help them, to help us and help them, make key decisions in their business.

How does Velocity help facilities run efficiently?

Here at Relogistics, we deal with a lot of major retailers across our country and work through many different problems. Every problem seems to be unique.

As an example, one of the more recent problems that we worked through was at a major grocer, and they were having problems with how much product was staying at their facility. It was staying longer than they thought, and we came in, we brought Velocity. We were able to identify the various types of trailer loads that were coming in and what was being required of their people.

So, for example, we were able to identify that a very high percentage of the trailers coming in were what we call live loads, which was requiring all their people to stop what they were doing and load this trailer. They didn't realize that they had such a high percentage of these types of loads. Once we identified that we were able to work with the customer and work with the carriers to adjust that, to bring the percentage of live loads down, therefore increasing efficiencies, therefore moving products at a better rate throughout their facility.

If you're looking to improve your efficiency, get in touch with our team.