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Streamline Your Supply Chain: Total Pallet Management

Relogistics helps retailers move product faster, better, smarter. VP of Retail Operations Tony Zinna shares more about how total pallet management can directly improve your efficiency and lower your costs.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

I'm Tony Zinna, the VP of Retail Operations.

What is Total Pallet Management?

If you think about a pallet in our industry, it used to be freed from load and then either went to a landfill or was sold off. The distribution centers quickly realized that they had to buy pallets to receive products, so they started asking themselves why they didn't have people come in to manage the pallet pool and keep them in circulation. This has saved distribution centers millions of dollars over the course of time.

Between our RLCs and onsite operations, we handle so much more than just pallets at Relogistics. It's all those shipping platforms that a person may have seen at the store. This of course includes pallets that are different colors, but also things such as cardboard, reusable plastic crates, stretch film, and more. There are many different things that are included in total pallet management.

What is a Reverse Logistics Center?

It's an offsite collection point run by Relogistics, where we receive all of the shipping platforms that eventually go downstream to stores and get freed from the load. In a prior life, these platforms would've been sent back to their distribution centers and taken up valuable space and doors.

Each door has products going through them that are worth one million dollars in profit. Ultimately, our RLCs put us in the middle of that supply chain to do things such as load their trailers, deal with shipment platforms, and then take the empty trailers from their transportation to go pick up more products or backhaul them into distribution centers.

Why should a company work with Relogistics?

We track everything we touch. For customers, this data is so important because they understand it helps us to be efficient and lower our costs, which also lowers their costs too. We are a very large company with centers from coast to coast, so we have many assets to bring whenever there are either opportunities or issues.

We have thousands of people that work for Relogistics, and there is no one else in the industry that has as much experience in the business as we do here. This results in delivering lower costs and ultimately shows that we understand how the supply chain works at a macro and micro level due to the amount of experience that we have. 

If you're looking to improve your efficiency with our total pallet management services, get in touch with our team.