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Streamline Your Supply Chain: Labor Management Solutions

At Relogistics, we work with our customers to develop solutions to meet specific needs and implement labor management services across multiple sites. Director of Retail Operations Pat Madden shares more about how our labor management solutions can improve your efficiency by providing employees with the right tools for the job.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

The main reason that we see customers come to Relogistics is for our non-product-related items. It's usually not a part of their business, so they have a hard time managing, tracking, and reporting it. This is something that we have systems already set up for. By coming to us, they can take care of their business and get a summarized version of all the labor that we do for pallet sorting, pallet repairing, tote sorting, and any other activities. They get a weekly or monthly summary that tells them how this labor was performed for them, and they usually don't have to deal with it.

What kind of labor management solutions does Relogistics provide?

As Relogistics, we offer many labor management solutions. We go in and do staffing, where we have people that provide services such as pallet sortation, tote sorting, baling, or whatever else it might be. We also bring in crews that might be larger and have a management staff on hand. This is where we have a manager and a crew that's working for them. We also bring in any seasonal employees or shift employees, based on the customer's needs. Some customers might need more people during a certain part of the season, so we adjust accordingly. 

We have a recruiting department that helps us with our staffing, where we're able to look for not just any employee, but qualified employees that understand what we do and what our customer needs are. This is so we can do the job efficiently for our customers. We do all of this through either a supervisory network, a management network, or the regional operations managers. They are an integral part of this and meet with our customers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to make sure that our employees are doing what they need to do while they're onsite.

How does Relogistics train employees?

Any new employees coming on board with us have the opportunity to look at videos of what their tasks are. They also go through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that explain what they're supposed to be doing. Then, we usually pair them up with a buddy, depending on what their job is, for a certain amount of time. It could be a day or a week, depending on the equipment. They are constantly being evaluated, and we make sure that they’re operating safely. We also provide them with and ensure that they understand what we’re asking them to do.

How does Relogistics ensure employee safety?

Safety is the number one priority with Relogistics. Every day we have safety meetings that we start out with at the beginning of the shift. Whether it's the first shift, second shift, or weekend shift, there's a safety review that the teams do together to make sure that everyone's aware of any new things that may have been coming up in the facility. Any changes in schedules, anything that may make any kind of working conditions safe or unsafe. We review that with them, and then we do stretches and provide them the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to do their jobs effectively and that starts the day, so we make sure that's the first thing they think about every day.

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