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See How Major Retailer Saved $2.7 Million

At Relogistics, we ensure that our onsite program experts work hand-in-hand with our customer's leadership team to develop customized pallet management programs. Director of National Sales Tammy Rogers shares more about how we helped one of the nation's largest retailers save $2.7 million, giving them the opportunity to focus more on their core business.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

How did Relogistics save a major retailer $2.7 million?

This particular retailer has a national footprint with brick-and-mortar stores and was looking to get into the e-commerce space. As they started to develop this distribution network, they realized that there was a need to source many different types of pallets, including 48x40 pallets and some odd-size, oversized pallets. 

What issues was this retailer facing?

This retailer wasn't sorting pallets very efficiently. They were letting a lot of good pallets, that could've been reused within their supply chain, to go back to their pallet recycler. Additionally, they didn't want the responsibility of having to unload any finished goods pallets that were coming in the door. 

How did Relogistics improve their supply chain operations?

When we began working with this retailer, we saw an opportunity to put labor onsite, at the customers' locations. Once onsite, we sorted the good pallets from the bad pallets and kept them within the supply chain. As a result, this customer didn't have to purchase additional pallets and has seen a net savings of approximately $2.7 million throughout their supply chain. This number is continuously growing, as we've gone from 7 to 15 onsite locations. In addition, we've been able to add a pooled management program for this retailer that enables them to facilitate the return of assets to the rightful poolers. This activity also adds additional revenue to their bottom line.

What was the impact of these improvements?

Over the course of the year, we sorted 3.4 million pallets, repaired over 180,000 pallets, and saved this retailer almost 130,000 hours of labor. 

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