Mike Hachtman

Mike Hachtman is CEO of 48forty Solutions, the nation’s largest pallet recycler. In 2011, he founded Relogistics Services which provides pallet & container management services to the nation's largest retailers.  Relogistics became a 48forty company in April 2021.  Mike began his career in the pallet industry in 1997 with Fraser Industries. Fraser later became part of PalEx and later IFCO Systems, where he last held the position of Senior Vice President. Hachtman previously served as Chairman of the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission and held several other positions within the Texas state government, including Chief of Staff for the Texas Railroad Commission. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, where he was past-Chair of the Government Affairs Committee. Mike also was past Chairman of the Reusable Packaging Association. Mike holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from Texas A&M University.