Reporting and Data Collection

Reporting and Data Collection

The more you know, the more you save.

As the use of reusable containers, pallets and totes have increased, so has the need for reporting. Many companies that use containers and other reusable assets experience loss or shrink and have no idea why - or aren’t aware it's happening.

To help you avoid asset loss, which can be significant over the long-haul, our cutting-edge software, Velocity offers unprecedented visibility and helps tie all of your systems together. Our current customers have more data on their reusable container activity than ever before. This allows them to streamline handling, introduce additional reusables and decrease associated costs. It has also enabled them to reduce asset losses. 

We collect data each time we touch a container, RPC, pallet, tote or other reusable asset. This includes the number of items returned from each store, the type and quantity of each item processed, the daily inventory of any items in process or ready to be picked up, the type and quantity of items returned for reuse, and specific transportation details (carrier, trailer number, arrival date, etc.) of each return shipment.

Reporting is perhaps one of the most important elements of the services we provide. It allows everyone to understand potential flaws in the system and identify best practices. Visibility allows you to see all that we do, ensuring your assets are being cared for, your compensation is fair and your costs reasonable. 

Transparency is vital because it lets you confidently focus on the front end while we focus on the back. We are interested in preventing shrinkage, not hiding it. Our job is to make your system run to the best of its abilities.

Key Benefits

Supply Chain Efficiency

We present real-world solutions to problems by gathering data and working collaboratively with our customers.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

We focus on streamlining the process as much as possible so our customers increase savings while continuously improving their supply chains.

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Custom Supply Chain Solutions

We develop customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your supply chain, increasing your efficiency and profitability.

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