Charitable giving has always been the cornerstone of the Relogistics culture. We have been extremely fortunate to have enjoyed continued, steady growth in our business, expanding to many locations across the U.S. This is why we feel it is important to give back and impact every one of the communities we operate in. Not only do we want to provide employment opportunities to people in these communities, but we also want to connect to their families, their churches and their charitable organizations in a meaningful way.

We encourage every one of our managers to find ways to positively affect someone's life. We support them doing this in several ways. For hours of their time they donate, we provide a monetary match to the charity they assisted. For monetary contributions, they provide to organizations they feel passionate about, we match the donation dollar-for-dollar. Relogistics also directly donates $500 every year to any local charitable group or cause the manager feels passionate about supporting.

When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit our communities, and had a significant impact on several of our employees, all that goodwill came back to us ten-fold. People came out of the woodwork trying to help us, our facilities and our employees in any way possible. That was proof of how this whole system of giving back is supposed to work, and we couldn't be prouder or more grateful.

In addition to our community outreach and giving program, we also donate our resources, time and manpower to organizations in need when we travel to off-site meetings with our managers. We come ready to work with 60 handy people who can tackle almost any task. It’s incredible to see what a difference we can make in such a short time. We also make a substantial financial donation so that when our work is done, the organization can continue its mission with a little more ease. Some of these wonderful places include Healing Hearts Animal Rescue in Arizona, Second Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, the greater New Orleans YMCA, and The Constance Street Community Garden in New Orleans.

The American Red Cross continues to be a favorite charity for our company, particularly lately, during these times of natural disasters impacting so many on such large scales. Lastly, The MD Andersen Cancer Center in Houston is a regular holiday recipient of support to fund pediatric cancer research.