The electronics industry has seen significant change and consolidation over the years. In addition to computers, audio/visual equipment, and gaming systems, this industry has also become a top seller of appliances. TVs are becoming larger and more expensive each day and require more specialized pallets to avoid damage. As the products evolve, so does its packaging. And so must your supply chain.

While there are few pooled pallets and other reusable packaging, we know these retailers can often be challenged by the high volume as well as the various shapes and sizes of wood pallets that flow through their distribution centers. There are also substantial seasonal peaks that require a significant amount of planning.

It’s only fitting that the needs of the electronics industry come down to data. Our first step with any pallet management program is to collect as much information as possible, identify inefficiencies and suggest solutions to remedy them.

Relogistics understands the unique needs and challenges of this retail segment. We have the expertise to put the right people in the right place to keep product moving more efficiently than ever before. It's essential to have a pallet management program in place that takes it all into account.


Every supply chain can be better. There are always ways to find efficiencies. We happen to be experts at that. Whether it is emptying store return trailers more quickly or returning more pallets for reuse, we tailor innovative solutions based on your unique needs.

How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.