The traditional grocery store has evolved into the modern supermarket, now carrying much more than just food. Grocery retailer margins remain extremely competitive. The need for a highly efficient supply chain is greater than ever before.

We can help.

By quickly emptying return trailers and ensuring you have the right pallet when and where you need it, Relogistics allows you to focus on putting products on the shelves for your customers while we worry about the back of the house. Virtually everything in the grocery industry moves on a pallet and we handle them all - regardless of size, type, or quality. An effective pallet management system can reduce distribution center costs while guaranteeing income from surplus pallets.

In addition, no other industry uses Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) like the grocery industry does. RPC growth continues in produce and over 50% of all produce shipped in the U.S. is shipped using RPCs. The more recent introduction of RPCs for meat, pork, poultry, and eggs will result in a significant increase of RPCs in the coming months and years. While all of these RPCs provide great benefits to the supply chain through improved handling and reduced product damage, they also require personnel to process, sort and return the RPCs after they're emptied. Relogistics has years of experience managing these assets, making us incredibly efficient, allowing you to experience all the benefits of RPC use without the headaches.

We collect data on everything we do including trailer cube utilization, as well as the actual count of everything we unload from store returns. We maximize your trailer usage and identify stores that may not be returning the appropriate volume of pallets or RPCs, helping to identify potential losses. We understand your seasonal needs and volumes and will appropriately plan and staff for those needs.

Relogistics' custom reusable container and pallet management programs are designed to help improve some of the most complex supply chains in the world – reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving your bottom line.

Relogistics allows you to focus on putting products on the shelves for your customers while we worry about the back of the house.


Every supply chain can be better. There are always ways to find efficiencies. We happen to be experts at that. Whether it is emptying store return trailers more quickly or returning more pallets for reuse, we tailor innovative solutions based on your unique needs.

How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.