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Home Improvement / DIY

The home improvement industry has evolved from its beginnings as local hardware stores and lumberyards to 100,000 square foot stores carrying an incredible variety of products, plants and appliances.

When you think of home improvement, fasteners, fixtures, pipes, lumber and tools may come to mind. But today's stores now include a wide variety of appliances, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and even some snacks and beverages. Each of these items may arrive on a different sized pallet. Whether it is a standard GMA, 48" x 40" pallet, a door pallet or a half pallet, each has a specific purpose. However, after they are used, the handling of this wide variety of pallets can be a management headache.

For businesses in this industry to continue to be successful, it is critical that all these pallets are effectively and efficiently handled, tracked and managed. Each must be quickly sorted for reuse or removed from store and distribution center to be recycled and reused. Relogistics offers a robust pallet management service, including pallet sortation, repair and removal, specifically designed to handle the complexity of pallets in this system. Our dynamic systems also allow us to flex up to meet the demand of the peak spring season.

Every Relogistics solution is customized based on the unique needs of the specific customer. We collect as much data as possible from available sources as well as conduct extensive site visits to identify opportunities and provide solutions that increase the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Because Relogistics is a service company - not a traditional pallet company - we are focused on providing the best pallet management program which always have your best interests in mind.


Every supply chain can be better. There are always ways to find efficiencies. We happen to be experts at that. Whether it is emptying store return trailers more quickly or returning more pallets for reuse, we tailor innovative solutions based on your unique needs.

How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.