3 Ways Total Pallet Management Can Improve Your Retail Supply Chain

Of all the moving parts needed to keep the retail supply chain moving, pallets are possibly one of the most vital assets. These small but mighty tools allow companies to move goods in bulk both safely and efficiently. However, when they’re not in use, pallets can become a challenge to manage within a warehouse.

What is Total Pallet Management?

Total Pallet Management (TPM) is when a pallet provider works with a customer to take full responsibility for every aspect of a company’s pallet operations, from pallet delivery to pick up and everything in between. By partnering with a pallet provider that offers Total Pallet Management (TPM), companies can focus less on managing pallets and on other areas that move their business forward.

A TPM provider should customize each pallet management solution to address the customer’s specific needs or challenges. Here at Relogistics, every solution stems from one of our two core services within TPM: onsite services or reverse logistics. 

Onsite Services

As the name implies, onsite services are when the pallet provider goes onsite to the customer location, such as a distribution center, warehouse, or back dock. This allows the provider to improve efficiency by understanding the flow of the warehouse, the number of pallets needed at any given time, and more. The goal of onsite services is to keep the pallets moving—from the moment they are freed from the load to when the bulk goods are moved into stores.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is a service in which the pallet moves from the customer back to the pallet supplier. Through a continuous loop, the pallets are picked up from customers, examined for quality control, and placed back into circulation. This method extends the life of the pallet and reduces waste.

TPM offers companies an assortment of benefits, but there are three that rise to the top when thinking about how this service can improve your retail supply chain.

1) TPM Eliminates Downtime

When it comes to the retail supply chain, downtime is not an option. By allowing a TPM provider to manage your pallet program, you can run more efficiently. Here at Relogistics, we provide guidance and expertise on handling, sort and return fees, as well as recommendations to decrease trip time and increase turns that improve overall system efficiency. We’re also able to provide valuable data to identify areas of opportunity or loss, partner with you to implement practical solutions, and create various detailed reports depending on the services provided. By tracking all movements within the system, we can ensure that all pallets and assets are properly cared for and that costs are as low as possible.

It is important to find a TPM provider that has an extensive network that can handle your company’s specific needs. This will ensure that deliveries and supplies meet demands and that your company stays at the top of its game. As the nation’s largest TPM provider, Relogistics works with customers on their pallet and container programs across more than 180 locations, coast to coast.

A good TPM provider is not just defined by its size. You should also consider experience and expertise when selecting a provider. Here at Relogistics, our leaders have decades worth of experience. We will work hand-in-hand with you to determine what your business needs are and will work collaboratively with you at each stage in the process, providing the highest level of service. Our company value “Do the right thing” is the driving force behind our approach to customer service. We do all that we can to keep our customers’ operations moving smoothly.

2) TPM Streamlines Operations

TPM provides your company a big opportunity to streamline operations. Here at Relogistics, we can help you identify those opportunities and create and implement improved processes, whether you have 1 or 100 locations. 

We make sure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) act as a baseline for any TPM service and that they are rigorously followed. Typically, each SOP is built on customer needs and is continuously fine-tuned based on any unexpected issues that might come up. Overall, having safe and thorough SOPs leads to an effective Total Pallet Management (TPM) program.

Relogistics TPM also improves your supply chain through vendor audits. We’re well-versed in how retailers use specific classifications or specifications for the pallets they use. From functionality to safety, we provide audits to make sure our customers’ team members are not harmed when handling the pallets and that products are packaged and shipped appropriately.

This type of detailed care comes with experience. At Relogistics, many of our regional managers and directors began their careers as site managers. They have a deep understanding of how retail customers operate, their core challenges, and the potential opportunities we can help them pursue. They understand the value of communication and service and our commitment to putting our customers first. 

3) TPM Keeps You Efficient

In the retail supply chain industry, the “small stuff” can make all the difference in how safe and efficient your distribution center runs. There’s a lot that goes into managing your operations, including your workforce, the flow of goods, and the broader supply chain. Our expert TPM teams here at Relogistics work collaboratively with customers. It creates a more transparent, honest, and solutions-oriented work environment that takes the pressure and concern off our customers. Overall, when you feel confident in your TPM provider, the entire business benefits. 

Finally, it’s no secret that businesses in the retail sector are complex with countless moving parts. The Relogistics approach to TPM is all-encompassing to include our people, products, and processes to help customers achieve the highest level of efficiency, keep their workforce safe, and feel confident in their daily operations. Doing the right thing is how we serve our customers, and it’s in every part of our TPM services.