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Get To Know Relogistics: Our Services

Relogistics supports customers at more than 190 locations, processing more than 330,000 trailers and handling over 305 million pallets and 580,000 reusable containers annually. Read on to learn more from Director of National Sales Tammy Rogers about how our comprehensive pallet services programs help drive efficiency and reduce supply chain costs for major retailers nationwide. 

Tell us about your role at Relogistics.

As the Director of National Sales, my primary responsibilities include identifying key retailers to work with and creating opportunities to add value to their supply chain as it relates to pallet and container management services.

What kind of services does Relogistics provide to customers? 

At Relogistics, we provide anything and everything related to traditional total pallet management solutions. This can include sorting pallets, sorting pallets to grade, identifying pallets that can be reused, repairing pallets, removing the bad pallets off the dock, and selling pallets back to a recycler so our customers can be compensated. 

Additionally, we unload salvage trailers in an efficient and timely manner, which enables our retail customers to have empty trailers available for backhauls of their products. We also handle other recyclables within a customer's supply chain whether it be plastics, corrugate, or additional pooled items such as pallets, reusable plastic containers, bakery trays, and milk crates.

What should customers expect when working with Relogistics?

Our number one asset is our people, so we ensure that we have strong leaders on site with our retail customers that can understand and appreciate what our customers are trying to achieve. We are typically only one component of the labor team onsite at our retailers’ operations, so being respectful of the customer's space and equipment is a top priority. 

We gather as much data as we can in advance of partnering with a customer. A lot of the time, our customers do not have the answers to the questions that we ask, and that's okay. Our job is to work together in identifying the answers to these questions, whether it means coming onsite and doing a time trial, making observations as we're standing on the dock, or even taking videos of the current operation.

Relogistics allows the data to drive solutions. By capturing the data surrounding the processing of pallets and other reusable assets, we are able to properly compensate the retailer for those assets and provide reporting of overall asset movement.

How does Relogistics ensure quality customer service?

We begin by providing an overview of Relogistics as a company so we can clearly communicate our capabilities. From there, we dive into the customer's supply chain by conducting a full site assessment. This includes going onsite to the customer's distribution center or manufacturing location and having them walk us through some of the challenges that they are experiencing as it relates to pallets, totes, or other recyclables.

Following this full site assessment, Relogistics then develops a prioritization of opportunities and how we plan to move forward. Overall, our goal is to create solutions that meet financial expectations in a timely manner.

If you’re a retailer looking to improve your warehouse or distribution center operations – whether that’s pallet and tote sortation and repair, cardboard box building, unloading trucks, and more – Relogistics has the resources to improve your supply chain. Get in touch with our team to start the conversation.