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Improve Your Retail Supply Chain Efficiency with Onsite Services

Relogistics’ primary focus is to help retailers move product faster, better, and smarter. Our expert teams evaluate operations, develop solutions to meet specific needs, and implement labor management services across multiple sites. Read on to learn more from Director of Retail Operations Pat Madden about how our onsite services support retailers across the country.

Tell us about your role at Relogistics.

As Director of Retail Operations, I am responsible for working with regional managers to ensure that our customers are being taken care of on a daily basis. I started in the pallet industry in 2008 working on total pallet management (TPM) at an offsite location. Over time I became a regional manager and was eventually promoted to my current role.

What kind of services does Relogistics provide to onsite retail customers? 

When we work out of a customer location, we refer to this as an “onsite.” An onsite location is a customer's property, such as a warehouse or dock area, where we carry out designated responsibilities and tasks.

When we’re onsite, we provide the customer with various services under the TPM (total pallet management) umbrella. These services might include pallet and tote sortation and repair, cardboard box building, unloading trucks, washing trailers, and more. 

Our customers rely on us to effectively, efficiently, and safely manage anything related to pallets and containers, so that they can focus on other parts of their business. All in all, our customers have brought us into their sites for a reason, whether it be big or small. We ensure that this job is done well through managing onsite labor and activities, ensuring safety protocols are followed, and maintaining complete customer satisfaction.

Additionally, as soon as we step through their door, we look for ways we can improve their operations. We’re able to implement more efficient processes as we continue to work together and help our customers realize additional benefits. Overall, our job at each onsite depends on the customer’s needs for that specific location. At Relogistics, we work hard to provide a one-stop shop for all our onsite locations.

How does Relogistics ensure quality customer service?

We ensure quality service at our onsite locations through strong communication. We typically work with our main point of contact, such as managers, but it’s not always limited to that. Relogistics also communicates with the general and assistant managers of the site to ensure everything is being handled properly. As the Director of Retail Operations, I enjoy getting to know the point of contact by visiting sites. This communication is the key to our success and is what differentiates us in terms of customer service.

In addition to strong communication, Relogistics also provides a training department with operational experts who come out and work with each onsite when needed. For example, when there is a new site, we have experienced managers come in to train the new managers. This process is the same for any job on the location site, whether it be a forklift driver, lead or admin. We offer continuous, hands-on training, meaning that if someone needs help even a few months into their job, we will go back and provide it for them. 

Lastly, we have a team of experts that is constantly growing. We are working with new customers and diverse markets each day, which allows us to better understand current trends in the retail industry. These broad learnings are then brought to other sites through a consultative approach, where we can enhance their processes by reviewing and modifying what is already being produced. Having these experts at Relogistics provides us with new skills and ideas to continuously improve our operations and make a difference for our customers. 

Interested In Working With Relogistics?

If you’re a retailer looking to improve your warehouse or distribution center operations – whether that’s pallet and tote sortation and repair, cardboard box building, unloading trucks, and more – Relogistics has the resources to improve your supply chain. Get in touch with our team to start the conversation.