We're Hiring: 4 Reasons To Join Relogistics

At Relogistics, our skilled employees help us operate faster, better, smarter. From RPC sorters and Plant Managers to Office Administrators and Forklift Drivers, every team member plays a pivotal role in how we meet customer needs. That's why we are dedicated to giving each employee the opportunity to stay, grow, and succeed.
There's no question the impact the supply chain has on our daily lives. From the clothes in stores to the food on shelves – it's affected by how quickly and efficiently the supply chain moves. Behind the scenes, there are hardworking individuals keeping everything moving.

Why Join Relogistics?

Our employees play an integral role in making sure goods get where they need to go. We hire passionate, hardworking individuals who are ready to learn and grow in an industry full of opportunities. No matter your position, each and every member of our staff plays a pivotal role in how we operate faster, better, smarter.


But don't just take our word for it! See these 4 reasons why our employees love to work here.


1) We Want You to Grow

It's true! We know how hard it can be to get promoted without the proper training and mentorship. That's why we offer ongoing education and training to foster advancement opportunities. When you work at Relogistics, each position comes with a clear path forward. From when and how we provide training, to performance reviews and promotions, we do what it takes to make sure you're aware of how your role might evolve over time to meet your overall goals.
The more you understand how we operate, the more likely you are to share your ideas on how we can improve our processes and products. That's why our ongoing training is vital to not only your success but to our success as an organization.
Regional Operations Manager Cody Greenhaw has been with Relogistics for 16 years and loves the family-like feel. He now oversees our Mid-South Region which includes the Cullman, Shelbyville, Monroe, New Albany, Hopkinsville, Midway, and Olney facilities. "It's a great work environment," explains Cody. "Challenging yet rewarding if you are willing to put the work in."
Cody Greenhaw: Regional Operations Manager 
Regional Operations Manager Cody Greenhaw has been with Relogistics for 16 years. His words to live by are: "Never forget why you started."

2) We Offer Great Benefits

To support your career goals and personal needs, Relogistics provides a full benefits package, including health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement savings (after 90 days).
"A few words to describe working for Relogistics are: challenging, friendly, engaging, and rewarding," explains RLC manager Danny Arce. "I enjoy the well-organized structure of the company and the people I get to work with."
Another great benefit of working here is that we respect work-life balance. Taking time off is important to refresh, stay motivated, and be enthusiastic about your work. That's why we offer paid vacation and sick days. You can take time off as needed to relax, heal or simply do the things you need to recharge and return to work with a positive attitude.
Danny Arce: RLC Manager
RLC Manager Danny Arce has been with Relogistics for 3 years and started out as the Assistant RLC Manager in Lakeland. He now manages our Douglas, Georgia facility.

3) We Overcome Challenges Together

The logistics industry is challenging, no way around it. But at Relogistics, that's where we thrive. Since we are passionate about building a healthy and safe work environment that inspires long-term careers, we take on these challenges together, as a team.
"My favorite thing about working with Relogistics is the support I get from leadership throughout the company," explains Onsite Manager Carlmelvin "Tank" Townes. "Working for Relogistics is challenging at times with the fast-paced daily operations, but when you continue to see progress and know the people you work with are putting in just as much effort as you to make the workplace successful — that's rewarding."
Carlmelvin Townes: Onsite Manager
Onsite Manager Carlmelvin "Tank" Townes has been with Relogistics for just over a month. He's grateful for the opportunity to work here and is looking forward to continue growing his future at Relogistics.

4) We Are All #OneTeam

Relogistics is a rapidly growing company across the United States, and no matter the location, we are all #OneTeam. Whether you're looking to relocate or find a good job close to home, you can explore our current positions to find the right fit for your interests and goals.
"I'm motivated each day by the work ethic of the personnel associated with my site and business unit," explains Onsite Manager Ben Wagner. "Our work is extremely challenging but definitely rewarding."
Ben Wagner: Onsite Manager
Based at our Oconomowoc, Wisconsin facility, Onsite Manager Ben Wagner was recently promoted from District Manager to OSM in June. He joined Relogistics through the acquisition of Prime360, and goes above and beyond to meet customer expectations.

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