Today, supply chains have become more complex and everyone is working to be more efficient. More pallets and other reusable and recyclable packaging are moving through distribution centers than ever before. As volumes have increased, the need to track them is vital to keeping costs down. These items improve the efficiency of the supply chain, but only if they are efficiently handled, processed, and not lost. A robust tracking system will not only track these items but will also indicate where potential losses and inefficiencies can be found. 

Upon implementation of any pallet management program, data collection, analysis, and reporting is a critical component to our approach. Our custom, online data system, Velocity, tracks all aspects of the services we provide. The system allows us to work with you to identify best practices and find more savings opportunities. Data may identify non-compliant stores and other sectors of the supply chain as it relates to pallet and container movements. Finally, an audit trail is established for all financial-related activities including the return of pooled pallets and other assets.

Velocity allows online visibility to all data anytime, anywhere. We also present a customized, comprehensive, monthly statement of all activity that includes a summary and various detailed reports depending on the services provided. By tracking all movements within the system, we can ensure that all assets are properly cared for, compensation is fair, and costs are as low as possible.

How does this improve efficiency? After six months of service to a major U.S. retailer, our reporting identified several stores with irregular pallet return volumes. Further investigation found these stores were regularly discarding pallets worth thousands of dollars each month. Improved communication and training at the stores quickly reversed this process.

Another example speaks directly to how gathering data can improve the efficiency of your supply chain. Over the last several years, our data collection with another retailer has allowed us to significantly reduce the time it takes us to unload and process store return trailers. This has reduced the number of trailers needed for transport and produced significant savings. 

Comprehensive, complete, robust historical data and analytics allow us to provide the greatest efficiency and savings possible.

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Key Benefits

Supply Chain Efficiency

We present real-world solutions to problems by gathering data and working collaboratively with our customers.

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Supply Chain Sustainability

We focus on streamlining the process as much as possible so our customers increase savings while continuously improving their supply chains.

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Custom Supply Chain Solutions

We develop customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your supply chain, increasing your efficiency and profitability.

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