We understand that pallets are most important to you when they’re carrying product. However, once emptied, they can still have value and can generate significant income.

Most pallets have value and can be inspected, repaired and returned to the supply chain. While there are some odd-sized or severely damaged pallets that may have little or no value, these can still be ground for landscape mulch, fuel or other products. There is significant income to be had when you have the right partner. Many of our programs compensate the customer for ALL pallets regardless of type, size or condition.

As part of our comprehensive pallet management services, we can service any location, nationwide, and we will stage the necessary number of trailers to remove all surplus pallets. We can also perform pickups seven days a week if needed. 

We offer an entire organization’s abilities through a single point of contact. We pay reliably, fairly, and with one check for all locations. A comprehensive monthly report and access to our proprietary online system, Velocity, will always be available for complete visibility to all transactions. The difference is easy to see. 

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