When you think about workplace safety, you often don't think about pallet management. With so many moving pieces - pallets in and out, coordinating with moving trucks and workers — the emphasis on safety becomes apparent. Let's face it. Fewer accidents save everyone money.

Safety is integral to our culture. With almost 700 employees including over 400 employees working inside customer facilities, our safety program is vital to the company and our employees. We have zero tolerance for unsafe practices. We have two full-time safety managers who perform surprise audits on each of our operations, every quarter, without fail. Accountability and documentation are vital to the success of our safety program. 

We understand that when working onsite at a customer facility, we are guests in the workplace which we respect and value. Keeping the workplace accident-free is not only the right thing to do but also makes us more efficient in keeping your bottom line healthy.

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Key Benefits

Supply Chain Safety & Risk Mitigation

We're experts at handling returnable and recyclable assets and have developed methods and procedures that reduce the risk of workplace injury.

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