Profit and sustainability go hand in hand.

Recycling and sustainability continue to gain more and more interest. Companies want to improve sustainability, but they also want to be profitable. Is it possible to be both at the same time? Our experience has shown us that yes, it is.

We get it. You’re more concerned with the product – not the pallet, carton or tote used to transport the product. But, often companies don’t realize that by not focusing on sustainability and recycling, they are actually losing money.

Most companies have realized separating corrugate and plastic for recycling generates revenue instead of costs from putting it in a dumpster. The same goes for selling pallets after use. Every pallet program needs to be analyzed holistically to find savings or increased revenue opportunities. With plastic and paper, the less "contaminated" (containing other material) the material is, the more valuable it becomes. With pallets, the less damaged or better-quality pallets are worth more when sold.

Reusable packaging can improve handling and reduce costs. Many companies are looking for ways to increase the use of reusable packaging in their supply chains, but lack the ability, or expertise, to handle the items after use. When we analyze a supply chain, we work with all parties who come into contact with that reusable asset to learn how the packaging is used, handled, transferred and if there are means for return, and ultimately, an opportunity for savings. Also, we look at the labor and other costs incurred in handling the empty packaging to determine if improvements and savings are possible. We are experts in efficiency and have focused solely on how to streamline this process as much as possible so our customers increase savings – and improve sustainability.

Our job is to help your supply chain become greener, so you can earn more green.

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How We Do It

We offer custom management programs and a variety of services that allow us to find efficiencies, and save you time and money.