Taking Businesses Zero Waste

Relogistics supports major retailers nationwide, handling over 305 million pallets and 580,000 reusable containers at more than 190 locations each year. Read on to learn more about how Relogistics is implementing waste removal initiatives that help customers both reduce their costs and meet their sustainability targets.

The Importance of Waste Removal

When it comes to increasing the efficiency of an operation’s supply chain, how a company handles waste can play a crucial role. Most companies send their wood waste to landfills, or hire another provider to haul it off at a high cost. These increased costs have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line and carbon footprint. Implementing a waste removal program can significantly decrease operating costs, while also improving your reputation as a company that is working to minimize your impact on the environment.

Relogistics’ Waste Removal Program: The Benefits

As one of the nation's largest total pallet management providers, Relogistics has a wide variety of experience with waste removal initiatives and can handle nearly any material that might enter your distribution center. Whether it be wooden pallets, cardboard, plastic, or any other waste that a customer might have, we understand how to properly dispose of it. 

Transparent Reporting

Relogistics provides customers with detailed data reports that show the precise number of products removed from their distribution centers or warehouses. This granular tracking ensures that we are making a tangible difference in their business and in the environment. During the first year of our initial waste removal operation, we diverted more than one million pounds of waste from landfills. This number continues to grow. Relogistics has also taken another step forward in tracking our zero-waste initiatives by adopting Greenly, a carbon management platform that gives us the ability to track and calculate the amount of carbon dioxide saved through our waste removal programs.

Cost Savings

Our goal is to provide the best, most cost efficient service for our customers. By carefully considering factors such as waste volumes, available space, and other specific requirements, we are able to create custom solutions for each individual customer that meet their individual waste removal needs. 

Waste and scrap material removal has become significantly more expensive over the past few years. Scrap material can be difficult to manage due to its size, so it’s key to find a reliable onsite solution that can handle it effectively. This is where our supply chain experts at Relogistics come in, by analyzing an operation and providing innovative solutions to reduce waste and ultimately save customers money. Our onsite waste management solutions have a proven track record, and have saved some of our customers more than $300,000 annually per location. 

In March 2020, we worked with two of the nation’s largest retailers on a transformative initiative to install grinder operations at onsite locations. Both of these customers saw significant, nearly immediate, cost savings. One customer saved over $400,000 in the first year alone as a direct result of installing the grinder. Another customer purchased 12 more grinders and anticipates continued savings. Both decided to expand the grinder operation to additional locations.

Why Relogistics

With 190 locations across the nation, Relogistics has an expert, dedicated team that is constantly exploring new options – beyond the typical mulch and fuel options – for recycling and repurposing waste. In fact, our innovative team is encouraged to think outside the box to find new solutions for our customers. We have used waste to create byproducts such as animal bedding, playground mulch, and more. By choosing Relogistics, customers can rest assured they’ll receive cutting-edge and sustainable waste removal services that will improve both their bottom line and the environment.